„One morning in the summer of 2017 I woke up to a completely new scent that changed my life. My nose led me to the garage of an interwar villa in the northern area of the city, where a Geisha was being roasted. This was Bob Coffee Lab, an owned or partnered coffee shop & roastery far above the standard, and it instantly became my new home. People say I have a keen sense of smell, and BOB’s roastery creates unique profiles using carefully selected beans from all over the world, from Panama to Indonesia.”

Since then, BOB continues to slip through your fingers, you don't quite know how or where to grab it. It looks one way today, and it may look different tomorrow. It's ruled by unwritten laws of aesthetics, constantly innovating, disregarding conventions, but we know for sure it doesn't compromise when it comes to the consistent quality of the recipe, the product and the consumer experience.